Appointment Request

My COO issued a tall order:

Allow for inquiries (leads) to request an appointment and schedule a time with an admissions counselor. The goal being: to better qualify leads through immediate one on one contact and a more personalized approach.

This endeavor was no small feat and required overcoming several obstacles:

  • Constructing new form fields which could then be implemented seamlessly into existing forms (some of which are pre-generated and cannot have custom HTML)
  • Adding new field IDs (binary choice, time zone, datepicker, time window) which could be successfully submitted and translated by our lead landing table before being submitted to our CRM
    • Additional caveats on the front and back-end:
      • Auto-detecting the user timezone and allowing for conversion to the counselor’s GMT
      • Allowing for only X number of days into the future to be selectable in the datepicker and disallowing weekends and holidays.
      • Allowing different time window choice sets for different campus locations
      • Showing/hiding fields based on binary values for a smoother UX
  • Rigorous and thorough testing. (Fun fact: the first successful end-to-end test submission was under the moniker Frankie86, as it was the 86th attempted test submit)

Here are several fiddles showcasing the development of the form fields:

First functional prototype:

Here is the form in a production environment: